Manosuman Public School is one of the most distinguished CBSE day schools in the Bhandara district. Since its inception in 2015, Manosuman Public School has been working under the aegis of Manosuman Education Society. It is consistently leveraging the standards of holistic development with its rigorous academic program combined with a plethora of co-curricular activities. With its highly qualified faculty and collaborations with leaders in education, We intend to run this portal of education, the temple of knowledge, under the CBSE banner and intend to add one class higher every year & to establish a full-fledged CBSE senior secondary school, with all the three streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities; within a period of 05 years

Our Mission

Through value-based education, We intend to prepare our learners for future life, for the growth and development of individuals, society and our Motherland at large. The endeavour would be to organize a variety of co-curricular activities, which would enable every learner to enhance communications skills, Holistic personality development, build up self-confidence and remove stage fear.

Our Vision

Manosuman Public School is being started with the vision of imparting value-based education, at an affordable cost. parents want their wards to get educated in the best of schools, even at the cost of parents comfort. Learners are going out of Pauni to nearby towns and cities in pursuit of education. A good number of parents have even migrated to cities with the view of providing the best education to their children.

Our Aim

The school aims at the development of students’ overall personalities through a congenial environment, strong secular ethos, a sense of integrity, ethics and uncompromising honesty, and a spirit of adventure. To promote individualistic learning by providing ample opportunities and a safe, congenial environment to students, so that they acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to become successful responsible global citizens.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 9am – 3.30pm
Sunday Closed
Public Holidays: as advertised