Mr. Rajendra Malvi



Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge. The most important goal of Education is to prepare children for life as adults and to import knowledge and productive citizens. We at Manosuman Public School offer students a combination of opportunities, environment and experience along with the academic curriculum to meet this goal
Manosuman Public School envisions a new style of development for our students, which aims at recognition of brilliant, vivid and exceptional kids cutting across all strata of our society. My heart yearned to follow a higher dream and this school is a culmination of that dream.


Mr. Amit Malvi


Welcome to our world- Manosuman public school (CBSE )a world that revolves around children and young people, their learning, their journey of exploration and evolution. At Manosuman public school Pauni, our universe is child-centred. All of our efforts, our work and our endeavours revolve around providing wings to each and every student’s potential be it at an academic, social or emotional level.

At Manosuman public school, Pauni we have consciously created a welcoming ecosystem where nature, knowledge and compassion are in abundance and in synergy with each other.

Our journey has been adorned by the selfless and deeply committed contribution of all the members of the board, faculty and serving staff who are the key drivers of taking forward our vision and philosophy and strengthening the foundation of our school. 

We envision our students to blossom into their best versions under our guidance while also developing a spirit of sportsmanship, discipline, leadership skills and excellence in character.

We pay close attention to the safety of our students and have invested heavily in procuring and installing the most advanced safety measures.

Our entire campus and all the classrooms are under CCTV surveillance. We also have a dedicated transport office to monitor our GPS-enabled school buses to ensure our students are in a secure environment at all times.


Mrs. Sunita Jangde


Manosuman Public School is being started with the vision of imparting value-based education, at an affordable cost. Parents want their wards to get educated in the best of schools, even at the cost of parents’ comfort. Learners are going out of Pauni to nearby towns and cities in pursuit of a good education. A good number of parents have even migrated to cities with the view of providing the best education to their children.
Shri Rajendra M. Malvi, his family members and their friends came up with a noble idea to stop the migration of learners and their parents for good education and their noble idea
is being materialised as “Manosuman Public School “at Pauni.
We intend to run this Portal of education, the temple of knowledge, under the CBSE banner and intend to add one class higher every year and to establish a full-pledged CBSE Senior Secondary School, with all the three streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities; within a period of 05 years.
Education is all-round development of learners under the able guidance, encouragement and motivation of educators. Towards this objective, CBSE has introduced CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) and started the grading system in April 2010.
Our endeavour would be to organize a variety of Co-curricular activities, which would enable every learner to enhance Communication skills, Holistic personality development, build up self-confidence and remove stage fear.
Through value-based education, we intend to prepare our learners for future life, for the growth and development of individuals, society and our Motherland at large.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 9am – 3.30pm
Sunday Closed
Public Holidays: as advertised